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Our commitment

Caravans customized on request in every detail
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With every new Motorhome design, CMC is challenged to find new advances from which all future CMC Motorhomes will benefit.

All of our Mobile Units are engineered and build entirely by hand, and entirely in-house, by our master craftsmen. Moreover, CMC is one of the very few manufacturers to have an in-house department of interior specialists working to the highest standard.

Tailored projects

Follow the customer step by step

Our approach is of total openness and orientation to the Customer, and that’s why it’s so important for us to understand his needs, his lifestyle habits and how he will use the vehicle.

Our Personal Interior Designer supports all CMC Customers to shape their ideas, working closely with our Engineers who are entrusted with the technical and mechanical design.


A CMC Motorhome lasts a lifetime.

We test our vehicles for a long time in unfavourable conditions. With our long experience, and thanks to the feedback received from our Customers, we can’t compromise on quality.

Our materials meet very high quality standardsand extend the performance of the trailer over time.

Controlled Production

On every component

We limit the annual production of our Motorhomes and Facility Vehicles in order to keep the focus on each detail.

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to build these vehicles: for this reason all the production phases, from the construction of the chassis to the production of the furnishings, are made in-house and carefully supervised.

Customer service

Available to the customer

We constantly improve the Customer experience, streamline the usability of our vehicles and preserve their value, protecting them over time.

Our Motorhomes require minimal maintenance to ensure the best conditions of use. We plan maintenance programs at our headquarter to ensure perfect durability, because no one knows the product and the systems of our Trailers better than we do.