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Shop Trailers

Discover our vehicles used for commercial spaces
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Rethinking the box

Cool! Our shop trailers are absolutely IRRESISTIBLE!

Designed for funfairs, events, concerts: fully customized, they are generally hydraulically drained using a hydraulic pistons system. The huge façade can be hand-painted or decorated using LED screens. Behind it, the pop-up system generates an extra space for storage.

The cabinets and tops are made of food-grade stainless steel. Thanks to our experience,

we are proud to fulfil new challenges and to support the growth of your business


Create an amazing WOW effect on your Pop-up store


The operations of the slideouts and façade are hydraulic, which can be carried out by a wireless control


We use the highest quality materials for the skeletons and the interior design. The CMC Shop Trailers represents a guarantee for your business, for a lifetime.