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10 mt length, two floors, two pullouts, 48 smq LED screens.

The future of food trailer is already arrived in CMC.

What make the difference in this custom-built food trailer?

Starting from the interiors, two small pullouts ensure much more working space in the middle of the vehicle, stainless steel cabinets are specific for use in food stuffs, LED lights to save energy and enrich all the stainless steel tops and details, more than 20 smq storage on the top floor, easily accessible by means of a folding ladder.

And outside? The second floor and the canopies have been covered with LED panels. This means, you can change the theme of your trailer and adapt it to each event or fair you will attend. A hi-performing BOSE Audio System (completely hidden) is the icing on the cake for the success of this top-quality food truck.