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Motorhomes up to 13.60mt.

Designed to be experienced
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The Living Series


“This is a CMC”.

That’s what people say looking at our Motorhomes. The attention to detail, the care of the design, the cleaning of the systems are unrivalled. With its generous 60 square meters, the Motorhome CMC is a very exclusive private space.

Starting from the exterior, from the chassis. Structural steel beams, hydraulic opening mechanismsand systems designed to be clearly visible, easily accessible, with clear and tidy lines. An eye-catching design, constantly evolving. The high level of insulation provides excellent protection against climate peaks.


to satisfy every market:

Without double roof on the slideouts

Motorhome with multiple slideouts without protective roof.

With light roof above the slideouts

Light mechanical protective roof above the slideouts.

With double roof

Stainless steel hydraulic double roof for a complete thermal insulation.

The interiors are definitely the sign of the brand. From the beginning to the very end of each project, we provide the Customer the appropriate level of support and guidance in all phases: each Motorhome is uniqueand reflects the personality of the person who lives there.

Our vehicles are equipped with 24 V/230 V hydraulic pumps and are fully habitable within 20-30 minutes after parking.

Vehicle Type:



Welded Construction – High Grade Steel

Skeleton Structure:

Welded Construction – Galvanised Steel


Careening made of stainless steel, with smooth finish


Stainless Steel


Two – Three axles bogie featuring Air Suspension

Max Kingpin Load:

10.000 kg

Max Permissible Bogie Load:

30.000 kg

Steering Axle:

Upon request

Overall Length:13.600 mm
Overall Width:2.550 mm
Overall Height:4.000 mm
Coupling Height:1.000 mm
1 Slideout:3.600 mm
2 Slideout: 4.700 mm
3 Slideout: 5.100 mm
4 Slideout:5.850 mm


Here are some possible configurations:

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