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Two-Story Living Trailers

Two-story motorhomes for maximum comfort
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The two-story motorhome represents thetop of comfort. It is Authoritative, representative, exclusive: the CMC’s two-story trailer is like a yacht on wheels.

It represents the best choice to promote your business and often includes an office area, a meeting room or a wellness room. Mirrored glass and controlled access will secure your privacy, both for the private and business areas.

There are two independent entrances: one reserved for the business area, one separate for your own living area, with controlled security access through the two areas, achievable with visual or digital fingerprint recognition.

All rooms are equipped with: floor heating system (with independent areas), air conditioning, multi-zone light controls and advanced energy-saving technologies.

The two-story Motorhome features two slideouts and extends from 13,60 meters standard to 17,50 meters length. The external height on the road is 4,00 meters, as required by European Standards. During parking, the total height of the vehicle is 5,40 meters, with an internal height on the second floor of 2.00 meters.

Vehicle Type:Semi-Trailer
Chassis: Welded Construction – High Grade Steel
Skeleton Structure:Welded Construction – Galvanised Steel
Bodywork:Careening made of stainless steel, with smooth finish
Axles:Three axles bogie featuring Air Suspension
Max Kingpin Load: 10.000 kg
Max Permissible Bogie Load:30.000 kg
Steering Axle: Yes
Second floor option:Living area or Panorama Terrace
Overall Length:13.600 mm – 17.000 mm
Width – Travel Mode:2.550 mm
Overall Width – Living Mode:4.500 mm
Height – Travel Mode:4.000 mm
Coupling Height – Living Mode:4.500 mm


Here are the possible configurations:

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Discover the interior and exterior of our two-story trailers