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We have decided to limit the annual production of our Custom Trailers in order to concentrate better on every detail and thus exceed our clientele’s expectations. The care we put in details and our commitment has attracted the loyalty of hundreds of clients around Europe and have allowed us to fulfil their dreams.

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to developing these one-of-a-kind mobile homes: this is why all of the production stages, from construction of the chassis to the production of the finishes, are performed in-house and closely supervised.

The construction process starts with the building of a galvanised structural steel chassis and of the body frame of the super-structure made of galvanized iron and stainless steel. The lines and the project are entirely customised in function of the client’s specific needs. At CMC, a distinctive element, present on all of its vehicles no matter what their size, is innovative technology. The installations are designed by our extremely meticulous engineers and built by highly skilled technicians.

Your wellbeing is the hands of a team of specialists capable of selecting the most innovative technologies to allow you to enjoy your environment in the best possible way.

High levels of thermal and acoustic insulation: the walls of our trailers are composed of premium quality sandwich panels and of a honeycomb structure made of plus than 5 centimeters of insulation boards, and 10 mm of lacquered wood panels. This means offering a top-quality living trailer, with a solid structure and a good insulation class.

Heating and air conditioning: we install a floor heating system that is evenly distributed over the entire surface area of the vehicle. It has been demonstrated that the even distribution of heat has a protective action against cold-triggered illnesses and, by eliminating the production of hot air flow, is the healthiest and cleanest of heating systems. To improve comfort during hot summer months, we install highly performing, low energy consumption air conditioners.

Windows, doors and shades: doors and windows are made of aluminum with tempered smoked glass double glazing; the shades are encapsulated in a vacuum between the two glass panes and thus are totally protected from water and dust. Double glazing improves insulation and helps guarantee privacy and blacking out at night.

Video-surveillance: we believe that everyone needs to protect their belongings and we know how important it is to be able to check at any time that all is well, simply using a smartphone. Normally, our mobile homes are equipped with 5 HD infrared cameras that are easy to configure.

Renewable energy sources: if you wish to make your Caravan energetically self-sufficient, CMC offers you the chance to install a photovoltaic system tailored to your actual needs in terms of energy consumption.



Arresting, charismatic, futuristic. The new design is the result of 3 years of research and the involvement of various professional figures. Engineers, technicians, architects and users have sat at the same table to generate this innovative look that will become the trademark of all CMC Caravans.



All of our clients are guided through the project step by step by a Personal Interior Designer who helps them define the layout of their Mobile Home, choose the materials and match the colours. Our specialty lies in executing projects that are always different one from the other, in seeking constantly new solutions and matches to make our clients’ dreams come true. We never pose any limits to our clients, and anything that brings them happiness can and must be present in their mobile home:

Floors: from porcelain to wood flooring, this choice depends solely on the client’s living preferences. Those who love walking barefoot and feeling the pleasure of natural flooring under their feet will certainly appreciate the warmth and cosiness of wood or laminate flooring. Those who enjoy more modern and essential materials will prefer natural stone or porcelain tiles that ensure elegance and practicality.

Walls and roof: the panels are varnished with very high quality paint in the colours and finishes (opaque or shiny) chosen by the client.

Lighting: this is the element that provides the WOW factor, bedazzling those who enter and giving warmth and wellbeing to those who live in the Caravan. CMC Caravans have surprising light effects in every room. Above the sofa, inside the cabinets, in the shower, under the bed: light diffuses and animates the rooms of these exclusive Caravans, turning the furnishings into veritable works of art.

Furniture and upholstery: the wood is selected with care and only the best pieces are then used to make table tops and the furniture of CMC mobile homes. True passion, great creativity, experience with materials and know-how are the key engines that have allowed us, over the years, to give life to the dreams of our clients, even when the challenges seemed impossible.