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55 years of history

Since 1961, we improve the quality of life of our Customers,
creating luxury living trailers with hi-quality finishes, fully customizable.


The progress

Passion for our job and competence


Little more than twenty years old, Valentino Cuoghi, Romano Marangoni and Giulio Cuoghi, decided to join their commitment and their passions in the firm CMC. Inside a premise obtained in the house of Valentino, they handcrafted wood windows and furniture, and they were soon appreciated for the attention to detail and for the finishes with which they used to decorate the furniture for the families of Polesine.

During the postwar period, the arrival of rides in the countries was a source of joy and lightheartedness. In Bergantino, the country of origin of a dozen itinerant families, many companies changes their production to develop the field of rides. These were the “factories of dreams”. CMC tooke part at this: Valentino, Romano and Giulio began to build the first mobile homes to offer to travellers an environment which, although simple, allowed them to face the long period of travel. They started arranging old schoolbuses from 30’s, no longer used, realizing that with some carpentry work they could create the necessary space to access basic services, such as a bed and a small kitchen.

Within few years, because of the improved economic conditions, mobile homes became more comfortable. The schoolbuses were replaced by specific structures, built on trailers and semi-trailers. The first trailer for a caravan was provided to CMC by the Company Fratelli Fabbri.

CMC moved into its current building in Via del Carosello, a well-suited premise, for both the processing and the external finishing of caravan, which became larger because of the slideouts, offering more comfort for living, and the handmade production of furniture for the inside. In 1984 suddently died Valentino Cuoghi and Vanni, his son, joined the company.

During these years a positive word of mouth spread rapidly and CMC became a synonymous with strength, elegance and innovation, also across the Alps, particularly for French travelers.

The first years ’90 deeply affected the company: in 1992, Giulio Cuoghi left CMC and Marco, the son of Romano Marangoni, joined the company. Only one year later, on 1993, CMC lost its third mainstay, Romano. Vanni and Marco were alone in the management of the company.

Sono trascorsi 55 anni da quel gennaio 1961. Oggi Vanni e Marco, Valentino e figli romani, portano avanti l’attività con una forte attenzione all’innovazione. Oltre alla continua ricerca di sinergie nel settore dell’informatica, nell’ultimo anno importanti investimenti hanno interessato il reparto produzione, con l’acquisizione di una nuova sede utilizzata come carpenteria e la creazione di un team di progettazione che supporta i nostri clienti passo dopo passo intervenire nella progettazione dell’ambiente interno della roulotte. Questo dipartimento lavora anche alla progettazione di accessori di lusso per ruote panoramiche, in collaborazione con altre società del “Distretto della Giostra”.

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