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Luxury Objects

Hand-made boards, 100% made in Italy, for home and professional use

Our history as wood artisans started 55 years ago with our fathers Valentino Cuoghi and Romano Marangoni.

Over the course of the years, we have never lost our passion for handwork: that’s why CMC trailers are entirely made with furniture that carries our signature. We love our work and we know how important quality is.

Interest in boards comes from interest in our clients. We build their homes, we spend many months in close contact with them in order to understand their tastes and needs, we know their families and we observe their habits in order to improve their lives, starting with the small daily actions. For those who move from one city to another for much of the year, moments spent with family are few and they need to be special.

Hence the idea of producing “table jewels”, items entirely made by hand by our artisans using the materials that normally distinguish our trailers: wood, steel and stone. True examples of Italian art and quality.

Each item is unique within the category it belongs to. Small differences in the products when compared to the pictures, including small imperfections, are exclusively due to the handwork and enrich the trays with a charm all their own.

Treated with pure mineral oil, they are safe, resistant and easy to maintain.

Images produced in collaboration with All’Antica Ala Restaurant at Bevilacqua Castle (Bevilacqua, Verona).

Boule Trio

baule trio

Boule Unico

baule unico


tagliere forma


tagliere liuto


tagliere primavera


vassoio essenza


tagliere sapore