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A 60-year history
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Valentino Cuoghi and Romano Marangoni founded CMC in 1961.

Their priority was to listen to the Customer and create for him tailor-made transportable living and working units with unparalleled comfort. To make him feel always at home, wherever the work took him.

The origins

Our Heritage

In their early twenties, Valentino and Romano joined their passions by creating the CMC Company. They started their life’s activity in a small workshop in Bergantino, producing home furnishings. After the war, the arrival of small funfairs in the countries was a source of joy and carefreeness. In Bergantino, the country of origin of a dozen traveling families, many companies started to evolve their production to be able to fulfil this rising demand. These were the first “Factory of Dreams”. CMC was part of this evolution: Valentino and Romano began building the first mobile homes to provide travellers with an environment that, while simple, allowed them to travel the long journey. They adapted old 1930s school buses, no longer used, creating space for basic services, such as a bed and a small kitchen.

In a few years, with the improvement of the economic conditions, mobile homes became more comfortable. Structures built on trailers and semi-trailers replaced the school buses. CMC’s factory grew and integrated all the phases of the production process.


Passion for our work and competence

Sixty years have passed since that January 1961. Today Vanni and Marco, the sons of Valentino and Romano, lead the company with a strong focus on innovation.

Over the years CMC has become synonymous with elegance, sophistication, solidity and uniqueness. It win the trust of foreign markets, initially French, then Norway, Sweden, England, Switzerland and Germany. A booming growth. The enhancement of craftsmanship is the strength of CMC.

The choice to limit the number of vehicles per year allows obsessive attention to each detail. Each stage is designed and performed with the care at the smallest detailand directly controlled by the owners, without compromises in terms of quality.

In addition to creating synergies with research centres and universities for new materials, in recent years CMC has dedicated significant investments to the production department, with the acquisition of new machinery and the adoption of innovations in the processes and in the design department, through the creation of a development team composed of mechanical designers and designers, with the skills to create exceptional solutions from a technical and architectural point of view.