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N. 7 single rooms, n. 1 double room, n.1 laundry and n. 2 bathrooms with showers.
All in one single semi-trailer.

This unit are common in the entertainment field, keeping the employees near the job site and giving them many comforts to reduce the work-related burnout. CMC’ constructive standards are the same used for the luxury living trailers.
Their skeleton in solid galvanized iron and their skin, in stainless steel, are built to be used and to last. They are insulated for heat and noise using hi-density insulation panels and have a non-slip PVC floor.
Each bunkhouse has its independent electric system and its heating and cooling system.

Nothing is to be assembled and disassembled, the semitrailer is immediately ready to be used. It’s green, because each mobile bunkhouse is composed by 9 beds.
It increases efficiency and reduces pollutions. Your employee will have their own independence and privacy inside their room.

Each room is equipped with:
• Eco-leather sofa (antibacterical, atoxic, hypoallergenic, breathable)
• Folding bed with mattress (except inside the double room,
where the bed is fix)
• Fridge
• Wardrobe
• Tempered mirror
• Independent heating/cooling

Each room has white walls and ceiling, non-slip PVC floor, led lights, and n. 4 electrical outlets. The units are equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. The two bathrooms are composed by a Jets Vacuum Toilet, a stainless steel washbasin, a shower and a water heater. An underfloor heating system assures a warm temperature while bathing.<br>Length: 15.000 mm – Height: 4.000 mm