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We have a passion in creating unique spaces

The first caravans were made of wood and placed on top of an iron carriage.

Valentino Cuoghi, Romano Marangoni

We aim to improve our clients’ quality of life, realizing bespoke trailers with luxury fittings and finishes.

Vanni Cuoghi, Marco Marangoni, The second generation

Back in 1961

Our know-how in doing perfectly-fine things

Back in 1961, Valentino Cuoghi and Romano Marangoni started making their first trailers out of retired school buses: they realised that by taking out the seats they could free space for a bed and a small kitchenette, turning them into cheap motorhomes for travelling fairground workers.

This is how it all started at CMC Caravan. Nowadays, on its second generation, Vanni Cuoghi and Marco Marangoni, produce luxury living trailers up to 18 m length, exclusive hospitalities, cozy bunk house trailers and prestigious artist trailers.

The history of our company is encapsulated in even the smallest of details, each one hand crafted by our artisans and fitters, designed to surprise, fascinate and enchant. Our vehicles are designed, manufactured and tested with the greatest attention and custom‐tailored, to our clients’ requirements.


Latest projects



Listen, device, create: each vehicle is unique thanks to our focus on custom solutions.


All our fittings are made by hand, designed and built according to the Customer’s needs.


We are constantly looking for innovative solutions through collaboration with Universities, Research Centers and specialized Companies.